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Burger Brackets: Matchbox vs. EatBar

Today, it’s the last match-up of the quarter-finals before we move on to the Final Four. Who’s today’s burger face-off?

Well, we predicted that Elevation Burger vs. Central would be a Clash of the Fans, and we were right. It was up and down, back and forth, all day yesterday, until sometime in the evening when Elevation took right over and maintained an unstoppable lead. Commenters got understandably riled up over the face-off, but remember, folks—let's keep things nice. And so we say au revoir to Central, and move on to the final match-up of the quarter-finals. Who is it? Check below to vote.

Just a reminder: you can keep tabs on all the Burger Brackets and browse through past ones here.   

EatBar: It's better known for its housemade hotdog, but the $10 burger at this Lyon Park gastropub is popular too. It's elevated by herbs and a good dose of butter, then topped with sweet pickles. There's even homemade ketchup to go with it.

Matchbox: It might be best known for its sliders, but this Chinatown pizza bistro also puts out a worthy full-sized patty, topped with Gorgonzola, cremini mushrooms, and bacon.

Who makes the better burger? Vote in the poll below, spread the word to your friends, and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Keep tabs on all Burger Brackets here.

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