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Jamie Stachowski is Now Serving Enormous Sandwiches in Georgetown (Pictures)

The meat maven’s long-awaited brick-and-mortar has opened with sausages, choice cuts, and a menu of leviathan lunch items.

Jamie Stachowski builds a sandwich while son Josef looks on; the very hearty turkey club. Photographs by Erik Uecke.

“Ask your butcher …” How many times have you seen that in a recipe and thought, “What butcher?”

Well now you have one.

Georgetowners love their fancy meats, as it turns out. One of Stachowski’s main challenges has been keeping foodstuffs in stock.

Fans of local farmers markets may recognize chef/mad-meat-genius Jamie Stachowski from the stand where he hawks kielbasa, Italian, and bratwurst sausages. Those same sausages can be found filling the glass-enclosed cases at Stachowski’s new shop, which opened just over a week ago on Georgetown’s 28th Street, NW, in the former Griffin Market space. Neighboring the fresh forcemeats are carnivorous delights—many from local farms—like dry-aged short-ribs and Kansas strip steaks, pork loin chops, and pig trotters. There’s also a variety of prepared items: cherrywood-smoked chickens, duck prosciutto, Irish bacon, cured salmon, and chili-rubbed coppa.

The ginormous grinder features a layer each of salami, coppa, mortadella, and sopressata.

High-top tables at the shop are the spot for digging into massive sandwiches listed on a chalkboard. Stachowski’s son, Josef—the shop’s co-owner—recommends the turkey-avocado club, which sounds almost dainty alongside offerings like kielbasa with kraut and the “hot, big” pastrami. In fact, it’s a double-decker monster, with crunchy bacon and piles of freshly-smoked turkey. Grab-and-go “TV dinners” are also on offer in the shop’s fridge—platters include smoked chicken, asparagus, and potato gratin or a hearty lasagna.

A sandwich with kielbasa—made in the classic Polish style—is among the offerings.

If you have meat in mind that’s not stocked in the shop, speak up. Stachowski is already taking special orders for items like sweetbreads and bacon-wrapped Muscovy duck. Just ask your butcher.

Stachowski’s. 1425 28th St., NW; 202-506-3125. Open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 8 PM, Sunday from 11 AM to 6 PM.

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  • jay61

    Unfortunately it has been maddening to get the butchering part of the operation to work well. If it isn't Jamie himself doing it, I have found that the others behind the counter can be clueless. My partner tried to get roast beef sliced thin and stacked, as he had always gotten it at delis in NJ, as opposed to piled in a lump, which has been his experience at counters in DC. The person behind the counter couldn't grasp that and actually asked whether what my partner wanted was to not slice it at all, or put a piece of paper between each slice. My partner gave up and left vowing to never come back. Unfortunate because the meats are great. The roast beef we have had is fantastic.

  • Way to go Jamie! We talked for hours at that place in Arlington. Good luck!
    Chef Tony Spagnoli

  • Bobbyhilts

    i went to georgetown to see my son and his girl friend got some sausage it was great now iam back in michigan i so would like some more dont know but sure wish they did mail orders

  • Kathy LoGiodice Fong

    Today was my maiden voyage to this tasty spot! As one of DC's most ' serious' foodies ( that translates to .. I grew up in an Italian household , spend tons of time in NY and lived in SF ) ,my food bar is pretty darn high.
    I was excited to have a great ' neighborhood' joint that offers up serious butcher shop meats in a comfy no frills environment. What? No fancy, schmancy designer interior? No.... just dang good meat.
    Met Jamie and Jyoti today when ordering two of the board's favorites.. the pastrami and a grinder.Both were large enough to provide lunch for two and dinner for two again at night.

    My lunch friend is a born and raised Brookynite. After 3 bites he was over the moon chowing down on good ' Jewish' food like he knew from home.

    I hope that having a real ' butcher' shop paves the way for other smaller venues that care about bringing back the scale and intense relationship with quality foods that many of us grew up with.

    Not to mention having a real neighborhood place where you know the guy who cuts your steaks and chops, cures his own meats and cures his fish.

    I'm gonna try their TV dinners soon, but right now I'm hoping that they have lox for me on Sunday morning.

  • Star6

    i dont understand WHY do men who dont have educations act like foolish mob guys. jamie isnt a wise guy, WHY ACT?? wise guys are fools!

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