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Feed/back: Proof, July 17th, 8:45 p.m.

In the spirit of Arch Campbell (Arch!) ambushing moviegoers spilling out of a premiere, we’re introducing a new, regular feature on the blog: Feedback. Every week we’ll pick a new, buzzworthy restaurant and camp outside, waiting for post-dinner reflectio

Bill and Alex, Dupont Circle
Bill and Alex, Dupont Circle
What They Ate: A “very good” parma ham appetizer and marinated olives in between drinks —“solid, as far as marinated olives go,” said Alex.
Impressions: “It was my third time coming here and it’s only been open a week or so," said Alex. "I mostly just come for drinks. That sommelier Sebastian knows his stuff. He just got back from Napa and is such an old hand. I’ve followed him from Komi and Rasika.”
Rating: “For DC, a 9, given the location, size and warm but contemporary ambiance,” Alex added.
PROOF, 775 G St. NW; 202-737-7663
Natasha and Scott, Arlington, VA
Scott and Natasha, Arlington, VA
What They Ate: Gnocchi — which they agreed “wasn’t overcooked and melted in my mouth” — as well as foie gras and sweetbreads.
Impressions: “We eat out all the time, and this was solid,” said Natasha.
Rating: “An 8 or 9.”
Tom, Dupont Circle
Tom, Dupont Circle
What He Ate: “They gave us something complimentary. I think a crispy flatbtread with hummus? Kinda small, but hey it’s complimentary.”
Impressions: “Not enough seats around the bar.”
Rating: “8.”
Rodger, Maryland
Rodger, Maryland
What He Ate: An “excellent foie gras. All three of us had the sable fish, which was outstanding.”
Impressions: “We brought over our own wine, but were still very impressed with the wine list. For only ten days, this place is really doing well. Granted, they delayed the opening for three months.”
Rating: “9 for food and 8.5 for service.”
Nate and Robyn, Penn Quarter

Robyn and Nate, Penn Quarter
What They Ate: “We just drank at the bar. But the food looks good from what we saw go by,” said Robyn.
Impressions: "This is our second time and we’ll be back again," she added.
Rating: 9.

Anybody disagree with last night's glowing reviews? Should the fancy Enomatic wine-serving system offer more than thirty choices? Is that enough? And where should we head next week?

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