Chew on This: What's Your Favorite Hangover Cure?

By: Ann Limpert

Anthony Bourdain says Kung Pao chicken and a joint put him back on the road to functionality. Café Atlántico’s Katsuya Fukushima swears by the restorative powers of apple juice after a night of hard living. With New Year’s Eve coming up (and probably a few glögg-soaked nights ahead) we want to know: What’s your hangover cure of choice?

Want to ring in 2009 in a big way? We've got the goods. From restaurant dinners to parties to the best ways to cure those inevitable hangovers, here's our guide to New Year's Eve in Washington.

-New Year's Parties, Galas and More

-Guide to Eating Out on New Year's Eve

-What's Your Best Hangover Cure?

-A New Year's Eve-Worthy Outfit—for $100

-Great New Year's Barware

-Bottomless Champagne and Mimosa Brunches

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