Chew on This: When Is It Okay to Send Back a Bottle of Wine?

By: Kate Nerenberg

In one of food and wine editor Todd Kliman’s recent Kliman Online chats, a reader wrote in about restaurants that get annoyed if customers return a bottle of wine when, after tasting it, they decide they don’t like it. Todd’s response:

“You have every chance to reject a wine you don’t like. When a bottle is brought out, uncorked, and poured at the table, it’s not all for show. It’s to give you a chance to assess the wine’s worth and, though it’s not made explicit, make a decision. If you don’t care for it, or if it’s off, that’s the time to tell the wine steward or waiter or waitress and ask for something else.”

Other posters chimed in with different opinions. So what do you think? Is it okay to send back a bottle of wine just because you don’t like it? Or should you only refuse it if it’s actually turned bad? Let us know in the comments below!

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