The Douche Burger, Deep-Fried Machines, and a Pat Sajak Peach: Eating & Reading

Every week, we’ll let you know what the “Washingtonian” food staff is reading in the blogosphere and off the bookshelves.

By: Todd Kliman, Sophie Gilbert, Anna Spiegel

Todd Kliman, food and wine editor

• A British blogger with a funny sendup of restaurant tasting menus. Love the first starter: “Scallops nestled in Prosecco-infused couscous and lightly glazed with shavings of white shabby chic wardrobe.” Britain’s Most Middle-Class Meal

• The Luddites smashed their machines. Brooklyn-based artist Henry Hargreaves deep-fries his. Too bad it wasn’t an actual iPad—Hargreaves, ironically, lacks the “funds” to destroy the real thing properly. Deep-Fried Gadgets: Artist Henry Hargreaves Deep-Fries (Fake) iPad, iPhone, and More

• Among the many ills of climate change: It’s apparently affecting the gourmet coffee industry, too. Foodie Underground: The Real Impact of Your Cup of Espresso

Sophie Gilbert, associate arts editor

Michael Bloomberg’s war on Big Gulps might yet work out—new studies are showing that New York City’s ban on trans fats actually improved its citizens’ fast food choices. NYC’s Trans Fat Ban Worked: Fast-Food Diners Are Eating Healthier

• NPR’s The Salt blog delves into the strange links between vegetarianism and the French Revolution. Liberté, egalité, frisée FTW. Let Them Eat Kale: Vegetarians and the French Revolution

• I just love this one for the headline: “Intimidation by Vegetation.” Intimidation by Vegetation

• When I was back in London earlier this year, my mom made me watch The Little Paris Kitchen, which apparently everyone in England is obsessed with. So if you’re the kind of person who likes to know about British cooking shows filmed in 226-foot kitchens in France, read this interview with Rachel Khoo, unlikely celebrity chef. Rachel Khoo: “My parents thought I was mad to go off baking cakes in Paris”

Anna Spiegel, assistant arts editor

• Provoked by the Douche Burger, Slate explores the question of how much edible gold you can safely consume. In this writer’s opinion, any is more than enough. Conspicuous Consumption

• Said burger also makes a special appearance on a list of the priciest burgers in the world. The 10 Most Expensive Hamburgers in the World

• Ten Peaches That Resemble Pat Sajak? McSweeny’s is pretty amazing right now (as ever). Suggested Buzzfeed Articles and Old Macdonald Had An Organic Urban Rooftop Farm