DGS Delicatessen Launches All-Day Breakfast; B Too Starts Weekday Brunch

The most important meal of the day just got more so.

By: Anna Spiegel

Breakfast lovers, rejoice: You can now eat waffles for lunch and eggs Benedict(berg) for dinner. Two DC restaurants are embracing the most important meal of the day, with DGS Delicatessen expanding its menu to include continuous breakfast and B Too offering its brunch menu during weekday lunch.

When DGS opened in November, it kept its lunch, dinner, and brunch menus separate. Now you’ll find one menu with components of all three. Eventually the nouveau deli may stay open continuously throughout the day; it still closes between lunch/brunch and dinner. For now you can mix and match dinner-style entrées such as stuffed cabbage during lunch service or breakfast dishes like pastrami hash with sunny-side up eggs or shakshouka in the evening. Another addition to the lineup: a Black Angus burger with smoked-jalapeño mayo and bread-and-butter pickles—this is a deli, after all.

Over on 14th Street, chef Bart Vandaele is serving his weekend brunch menu for lunch Tuesday through Friday 11 to 4. (Note: they’re closed July Fourth, but you can find other Thursday brunch spots in our roundup). Sister restaurant Belga Cafe occasionally offers a similar deal, though it’s more of a monthly event. Now you can head to B Too almost every day for Belgian treats such as sweet and savory waffles, poached eggs with smoked salmon, asparagus, and hollandaise, or a croque monsieur with Chimay cheese.

The best part of this all: While it’s not entirely acceptable to drink mimosas with weekday breakfast, no one will bat an eye if you chase your eggs with a cocktail during lunch and dinner.