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Ben & Jerry’s Scoops Free Ice Cream in Washington This Friday

Plus: The ice cream line will reveal its new “30 Rock”–themed flavor.

Free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream? Yes, please. Photograph courtesy of Flickr user Dougtone.

Sure, free cone day is a fantastic Ben & Jerry’s tradition. But the altruistic ice cream company has been going above and beyond in the District, starting with gratis frozen yogurt delivered to area offices. Now Vermont’s finest plans to dispense a thousand free scoops at Union Station’s Main Hall on Friday, February 1, starting at noon.

In addition to the joy that is free ice cream, Washingtonians will also be among the first to try a new mystery flavor that commemorates the series finale of NBC’s 30 Rock the night before. Company cofounder Jerry Greenfield will make the big reveal in Manhattan at a finale party near Rockefeller Center, and we can only guess what madness will be packed into the new pints. Citrusy, candy-studded Liz Lemon(head)? Some paper-like substance based on the Japanese porn star diet? Meatcat? Leave your ideas in the comments.

The new flavor will be available in area scoop shops and grocery stores in February.

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  • Rebecca

    I LOVE BEN and JERRY they should have a store in Canada just for the Ice cream

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