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Bon App’s Flu Diet, Woody Allen’s No Fun Diet, Calamari’s Evil Twin: Eating & Reading

Our tasty roundup of the best stuff we’re reading this week.

Squid, or something else? This American Life explores a disturbing rumor about everyone’s fave fried app. Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock.

Booze News

This sounds like a great idea! And not at all like a fire hazard! At Chicago’s Red Kiva, you can now freebase your alcohol via the Vaportini. “It’s warm, retains its flavor, and gives an instant, though brief, buzz.” [Time Out Chicago] —Sophie Gilbert

As alcohol levels in wine continue to go up around the world, some winemakers are banging the drum for the cause of “dealcing”—de-alcoholizing their wines to bring them back down to more companionable levels. [Palate Press] —Todd Kliman

Culinary Culture

The DC schools’ food director has left his job after clashing with chancellor Kaya Henderson. [WaPo] —SG

This reminds me of the Todd Barry bit about running into a friend who was heading off to chocolate school in Tahiti. No joke, folks—Gelato University, in Italy. Yeah, the final must be a bitch. [The Economist] —TK

If you missed the premiere of Soul Food Junkies, set that DVR: The PBS doc examines the two sides of an extremely influential cooking tradition. [Grist] —Jessica Voelker

Things are pretty complicated inside the seemingly simple world of kids’ mac and cheese. Smithsonian goes inside the Kraft wars. [Smithsonian] —Anna Spiegel

Culinary Pop Culture

In case you didn’t manage past the Soon-Yi-gives-me-hickeys part of Woody Allen’s essay on hypochondria, he goes on to talk diet: “I never smoke and I watch what I eat, carefully avoiding any foods that give pleasure. (Basically, I adhere to the Mediterranean diet of olive oil, nuts, figs, and goat cheese, and except for the occasional impulse to become a rug salesman, it works.)” [NYT] —Ann Limpert

As a onetime London Pret A Manger consumer and daily Pret-goer in the District (convenience rules that choice—there is a location below our office), I totally agree: “Why Does Pret A Manger Think Americans Are Stupid?” [The Awl] —AS

There’s a new Girl Scout cookie flavor: Mango Creme. And it’s “healthy,” or something. [Philly Mag] —SG

“Kardashian’s Debut Book Tackles Serious Food Issues.” If, like me, you read this headline and assumed Kourtney might be boasting about her post-baby weight loss again, you were wrong. Instead it’s some guy named Kirk Kardashian discussing federal milk subsidies. I’m sure US Weekly will love it anyway. [Forbes] —SG

It was only a matter of time. Behold the Chicago breakfast sandwich named for Parks and Rec cholesterol fiend Ron Swanson—with four kinds of meat, two kinds of cheese, and eggs two ways. [Buzzfeed] —AL

Amid the proliferation of Girls-inspired articles about twentysomethings is this fascinating look at how young foodies dine out despite small salaries. [NYT] —JV

Because it’s Thursday (and because this arrived too late for Eating & Reading last week): Will Ferrell and Ryan Gosling are “knife guys.” [HuffPo] —AS

That’s Just Gross

Calamari lovers, be careful. A segment in This American Life’s recent “Dopplegangers” episode may well bungle that affection. [HuffPo] —JV

Need more thinspiration for 2013? HuffPo rounds up the worst fast food meals in America. Yes, we’ve seen this list before, and yes, it’s still disgusting. [HuffPo] —SG

Try This at Home

If someone around you is on the Mucinex and chicken broth diet, these flu-soothing recipes— bourbon-spiked lemon-orange-ginger sorbet, a Korean beef-noodle soup recipe from Restaurant Eve’s Cathal Armstrong—might make it suck for them a little less. [Bon Appétit] —AL

The Super Bowl is right around the corner—what to make to celebrate this dippy but de-facto national holiday? Two words: tamale pie. [Esquire] —TK

Meaty Matters

Whither the New York City steakhouse? [NYT] —TK

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