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Ryan Gosling on a Mug, Nigella’s Billboard Gut, Guy Fieri—Stealth Hottie?: Eating & Reading

A roundup of the tastiest stuff we’re reading this week.

Who wouldn’t want this face on a coffee mug? Image courtesy of Featureflash /

Inaugural Leftovers

What might a hungover First Lady have packed in Sasha Obama’s lunch box the morning after the inaugural festivities? [The Onion] —Ann Limpert

The Obamas’ post-inaugural lunch of lobster with clam-chowder sauce, grilled bison with huckleberry reduction, and apple pie with sour-cream ice cream seems positively restrained compared with the 250-foot table of pâtés, game meats, and cakes at President Lincoln’s fete. [Smithsonian] —AL

DC Represent

The Brixton makes Details Magazine’s list of the best new bars in America, for its “Boddingtons on tap, antler chandeliers, and historical images decorating the walls.” Sounds just like Downton Abbey! [Details] —Sophie Gilbert

America’s favorite dueling men’s mags are all over the guys at ChurchKey/Birch & Barley. Chef Kyle Bailey shared his favorite local haunts with GQ’s Short Order, while beer oracle Greg Engert chatted with Esquire about the craft (by which I mean beer, not the 1996 film starring Fairuza Balk).  [Esquire] —Jessica Voelker

The Best Part of Waking Up?

Gosling’s mug on a Timmy Horton’s mug. My birthday is in April, y’all. [Grub Street] —Tanya Pai

Heavy Hitters

My theory has always been that Guy Fieri has a handsome face underneath all the peroxide, bluster, and the backward sunglasses. Check out number 15 in BuzzFeed’s compilation of images of Guy Fieri looking totally stoked for proof. [Buzzfeed] —SG

In which rapper Big Boi tells Bon App he’s super into soup (and “can remix the sh** out of food”). [Bon Appétit] —TP

Nigella Lawson is thrilled about being on Anthony Bourdain’s new cooking competition, The Taste—so thrilled she live-tweeted it until about 6 AM UK time last night. But she refused to let ABC airbrush out her stomach on billboards. “Wise? Hmmm. But that tum is the truth and is come by honestly, as my granny would have said,” she wrote on her blog. [Nigella] —SG

Ripped From the Headlines

“For now, at least, a small part of the country smells like raclette, and citizens are shocked.” This item about a truck carrying 27 tons of goat cheese catching fire gave me the giggles. [Grub Street] —TP

SNL’s Starbucks Verismo spoof drew claims of racism. Whichever side you fall on the matter, it’s hard not to conclude they were asking for a Venti-size bucket of trouble. [HuffPo] —JV

Speaking of SNL, the brutally bad Top Dog Chef skit is the very definition of “missed opportunity.” What, no one on staff can do a decent Padma? If only Fred Armisen could be everywhere at once. [Eater] —JV

Global Bites

In Tokyo you can now enjoy a multi-course meal featuring dirt as the star ingredient for $110. Or I suppose you could eat off the floor in the comfort of your own home for free. [HuffPo] —TP        

NPR riffs on the British tradition of a Sunday roast, and the result is a whole roast salmon with salsa verde. I’m not going to hate, but that is not a Sunday roast. The vegetables look good, though. [NPR] —SG

Quinoa is now so trendy that its price has tripled in the past seven years—and many poor residents of Peru and Bolivia, where it’s a staple of the Andean diet, can no longer afford it. [The Guardian] —AL

Sport Eating

Cake pups, Mad Dog, bacon sticks, and other ways to celebrate next Sunday night’s big event: the Puppy Bowl. [Buzzfeed] —AL

It’s Always National Something Day

Apparently yesterday was National Pie Day! Not to be confused with Pi Day, which is in March. Anyway, here are some cute animals celebrating. [BuzzFeed] —TP

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