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Jacqueline Mars Charged With Reckless Driving in Fatal Crash

Mars reportedly fell asleep at the wheel while driving in Northern Virginia.

Jacqueline Mars, the heiress to the candy fortune that bears her name, will appear in Loudoun County court December 5 to face a reckless driving charge in connection with a fatal car crash earlier this month that occurred after she reportedly fell asleep at the wheel, prosecutors tell Washingtonian.

Mars, 74, was driving her Porsche SUV along Route 50 in Aldie, Virginia, about 2:30 PM on October 6 when she crossed the median and collided into an oncoming minivan, killing 86-year-old Irene Ellisor, who was riding in the van’s back seat. The minivan’s driver, who was eight months pregnant, was also injured and later lost her baby, according to reports. Mars and four other minivan passengers were hospitalized.

A search warrant showed that Mars told a witness she dozed off behind the wheel, NBC4 reported.

Reckless driving in Virginia is punishable by up to six points on a driver’s license, a $2,500 fine, and up to 12 months in jail. Mars, with an estimated net worth of $20.5 billion, is listed as the 15th wealthiest person in the United States.

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  • SRP

    And...If you did some research this wonderful lady and her brothers have committed to give away as much as half their wealth in their lifetime to charity causes like assisting people in the poorest nations in the world how to grow their own food to avoid continued starvtaion, set up water purification systems in the worlds poorest communities, educate the poorest children in the world and other wonderful ways to help others without knowledge or means, learn to self survive, making this a better world for all of us. This lady was given honors last year for her charitible Philanthropy. There's a reason Mars Inc earned the recognition as one of Americas Top 100 companies to work for, and having spent 20 years working for them before retiring, I will say they were the best 20 years of my life. This lady is suffering also, she did not do this on purpose. And she will do everything to make sure that family is taken as good of care of as is possible considering she can not give back their family member.
    We, without exception, have all made mistakes while driving and later realize how dangerous our actions were. My own dad was killed while waiting to walk across the street in front of his home, when a minivan mometarily ran up on side of the curb, striking and killing me dad. The driver of the minivan was picking up something out of the floor board of the passenger side of his car when he did this. Yes we could have sued, but we felt the driver's actions were certainly not intentional and that the driver suffered sever emotional stress as a result. Our family felt suing was not the answer for somethingt that was not intentional. Instead we prayed for the other drivers emotional healing as we dealt with our own loss.
    Before you post something negative, first stop and think of your own driving, and admit to yourself how this could have been your own driving, any driver has temporaty moments of poor driving actions...we've all done it!
    I feel so sorry for the Texas family and their suffering, I also feel sorry for Jackie and her emotional stess.

  • lily

    This is disgusting! Only a misdeamendor charge? Of course, she has the means to pay Jim Plowman off...the greed monger would accept it. There were SEVERAL victims, including an 8-month pregnant woman whose child was lost, an elderly woman who was killed, and others in that vehicle.

  • nicknow

    But if the crime was reckless driving than that was the crime. Do you honestly believe the driver did something intentionally wrong?

  • lily

    the old bat fell asleep at the wheel and admitted to it....Loudoun County judges and prosecutors have never been so lenient on any other such person with a similar case. Intentional or not, she shouldn't have been driving and sleep driving medically equivocal to drunk driving! She's got the financial means, resources, and status to deter any other type of charge....and the officials charging her are just as corrupt.

  • CountryGirl

    You are a moron. It saddens me that our world has so many inept, ignorant, ill-mannered and boorish people in it. And you take the cake. It's clear from your ridiculous rantings that you don't like this woman simply because she's wealthy. What if that had been your mother or grandmother momentarily falling asleep behind the wheel and killing others? Would you have referred to her as an "old bat" who was driving drunk? Go back under the rock from where you crawled out, and stop polluting comment boxes with your ignorance.

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