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Are You Looking for an Honest Relationship? Then Don’t Come to DC

At least not in the realm of online dating, according to a new survey.

Looking for honesty online? Look someplace other than DC. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Here’s some timely news for the weekend date nights: If DC is Hollywood for ugly people then what kind of opportunity does it offer to liars? Apparently a lot. According to a study done by the dating site, DC—and men in particular—ranks the highest in terms of people who lie on their online dating profiles, followed by San Francisco and New York. DC women come in second, behind Las Vegas. What do Washington online daters lie about the most? According to the survey, it is career and education.

If what you want in a mate is honesty—and plenty do—then consider Houston, Texas. It ranks the highest for honest men, while Charlotte, North Carolina, scores best for women.

See more results from the survey via Jezebel

  • DC Native Girl

    DC is certainly the hollywood of the ugly and those who were over achievers in school and unpopular .. most of the straight men don't take care of themselves (overweight, bald, ugly) yet believe they are hot sh*t and think they can get any woman and play the field.

  • Ted Leonsis Sucks

    We can and do "get any woman and play the field" because we make more money. And listen to yourself, why would any man want to marry YOU?

  • Laugh@yourself

    This is not surprising! Many Washingtonians are so concerned with careers and education and not the quality of the individual. Usually, the first question when meeting someone is "Where do you work?" No need to ask about education because they're probable wearing some collegiate apparel. Hollywood for the ugly? Definitely.

  • HAHAHAHHAAHAHHA. Editor must have been bored today.

  • Just Sayin'

    Readers should keep in mind, this survey is not conclusive to dating sites in general, but for that specific dating site. A dating site where "'wealthy' men bid on dates with women."

    "Of course, you gotta keep in mind the source, because it's possible that the men on a dating site targeted at wealthy men might lie about about their career."

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