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Feeling Guilty About Leaving Fido Home Alone?

Busy Washington dog owners now have a broadcast solution to that problem.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

It’s a scene repeated countless times around the area as busy Washingtonians leave home to start the workday: a pat on the head and a slobbery kiss followed by a long, guilty look into those eyes, two dark pools of unconditional love. Then the human bolts out the door and Fido or Rover is left home—alone.

It’s likely the family dog is just fine with a bowl of water, some food, and maybe a midday walk from a professional or friend, but just in case that doesn’t feel quite enough for those overachievers among us, there’s now a kind of antidote: a TV network just for stay-at-home dogs.

DogTV launched Thursday, calling itself “the first network for canines.” It is a 24/7 digital TV channel with “dog-friendly” programming and, we must add, a very keen (cold, wet) nose for good PR. It is available online and through DirectTV. Subscriptions range from $9.99 for one month to up to $69.99 for one year.

The channel’s website has an extensive FAQ page, but our favorite was the question of whether it’s appropriate for all breeds. Well, yes—the website notes it is “scientifically designed content for dogs of all ages, and all breeds.”

Okay, fine. Now what about the cat?

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