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Is This the Dumbest Bank Robber of the Year?

The FBI is looking for information on a man who held up an Arlington Bank of America Tuesday—sans mask.

Dumbest bank robber of the year might have to go to the guy who held up the Bank of America at 3600 South Glebe Road in Arlington Tuesday afternoon.

He showed up in shades, ski cap, overcoat and scarf over his mouth, as if he were headed to grab a bag of chips at the Harris Teeter up the street. No mask. No makeup. No hand over his face. He didn’t even bother to pull the ski cap down to his shades.

He didn’t get the memo that cameras record every person and every transaction in every bank?

Less than 24 hours after the robbery, the FBI posted a photo of the transaction. From the photo, it doesn’t look as if he wielded a weapon of any kind. The FBI, which still investigates bank robberies, said he approached a teller and demanded money. He took the dough and walked away.

“He also wore mirrored sunglasses, black gloves, dark pants, and tennis shoes,” the FBI report said.

The bank is just off Jefferson Davis Highway, not far from the Four Mile Run Trail and the George Washington Memorial Parkway.

The good news is no one was injured.

Bad news, for the perp, is that he might not be at large and enjoying the cash for too long, now that his photo is out.

If you see him or have any information for lawmen, please phone Arlington County police at 703-228-4166.

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