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Maryland Senate President Supports Legalized Marijuana

One of the state’s most powerful politicians wants to be a little bit more like Colorado.

Maryland, our Maryland. Photograph via Shutterstock.

Could legalized weed be coming to the Washington area? Thomas V. Mike Miller, the president of the Maryland State Senate, said in an interview today with the Washington Post that he would support the regulated sale and taxation of marijuana, just as Colorado just introduced this week.

“I know where people are going to be a generation or two from now,” Miller said about the growing trend of states allowing medical marijuana or even decriminalization. But even though Miller seems ready to push legislation to legalize pot, he said the biggest hold-up will probably come from his fellow Democrats.

The Maryland Senate passed a bill last year that would have decriminalized small amounts of marijuana, but the bill died in the House. And Miller also said that Governor Martin O’Malley is “slow on issues like this.”

Luckily for Miller, though, O’Malley’s time in office is nearly up, and at least one of his potential successors, Delegate Heather Mizeur, has come out in support of marijuana legalization. Her opponents for the Democratic nomination, Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown and Attorney General Doug Gansler, do not.

Maryland adopted a small medical marijuana program last year, but it has not yet been set up.

  • Biddle

    I just got back from Colorado: my family lives there (I grew up there), and i was visiting for the holidays. And it was amazing to go to a store and buy the stuff legally. And everything was very calm there: people were happy, mellow, and very compliant with the laws. I think it's going to spread quickly once people see that Colorado hasn't descended into madness. If there's a referendum here in Maryland, I'll totally vote for it.

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  • Janet Innes-Kirkwood

    Time to end the failed war on drugs and help get our criminal justice system in order. We are number one in incarceration and we need to do the things that can bring us into line with the rest of the world. Lets start with fixing the marijuana laws in this county. Why don't the law makers show that they understand the problem and start finding real life solutions that can bring relief to our fellow citizens who have been burdened by marijuana being in the criminal justice system. We can fix this.

  • Truth 2014

    Heather Mizeur just got my vote and support!

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