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May Photo Contest: The Finalists

Vote for your favorite celebration picture!

Though subjects for May’s celebration-themed photo contest ranged from Michelle Obama’s commencement speech at George Washington University to cigar-smoking snowblowers, bright colors and big smiles seem to be Washington’s signature ways to showcase a good time.

Our judges whittled dozens of entries down to five favorites, but the winner is up to you. Click here to view our finalists’ gallery, then cast your vote in the poll below. The picture with the most votes as of noon on Friday, May 28 will run in the July issue of The Washingtonian. 

A word on the rules: It’s one vote per person, and we monitor the polls closely, so please play fair. If we catch voting irregularities for a particular photograph, it will be disqualified.

* To help keep this contest fair, we’ve elected to use an IP-address-based poll. This means that if you’re voting from an office or network setting, not everybody in that setting will be able to vote. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we hope you’ll encourage coworkers to vote from their home computers.

>> Bummed you missed out? Details on next month’s contest can be found at starting Tuesday, June 1.

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