People Still Really Want to See Marilyn Monroe Naked

The cover story of the new “Vanity Fair” reminds us of an article we posted way back in 2006.

By: Washingtonian Staff

Today the June issue of Vanity Fair arrived on our desk, bearing a photo of Marilyn Monroe and a giant cover line: "Inside: The Lost Nudes." The story is an adaptation of photographer Lawrence Schiller's memoir, in which he recalls photographing Monroe on the set of her last movie, the never-finished Something's Got to Give. The article does, in fact, include nude photos--although (spoiler alert) all the shots are strictly PG-13. What made this article stick out for us, however, is that it's a reminder of one of the most-viewed stories ever posted on an article from December 2006 called "Marilyn Monroe's First Nude Photos." So for all the folks who looked at it--and were instantly disappointed that (spoiler alert number two) no actual nudes were included in the post­--we'd recommend hitting your local magazine rack soon.