Monday Morning Quarterback: Kirk Cousins’s Surprising Star Turn for the Redskins

’Skins fans took to Twitter after Sunday’s game against the Bears. Here’s what they had to say.

By: Carol Ross Joynt

As expected, Washington Redskins fans responded quickly and passionately to the second game of the preseason, which unfortunately did not go the way they hoped. The Skins lost to the Chicago Bears 33 to 31. But “preseason” is the relevant factor. It’s a tryout period, and that showed in some of the play. Quarterback Robert Griffin III got shoved around a little more than in his first Redskins game, but still looked good overall. The other rookie QB, backup Kirk Cousins, was probably the real surprise of the game. He scored three touchdowns and escaped any roughhousing from the Bears. There was also an exciting 91-yard touchdown punt return run by Brandon Banks.

As we will do each Monday of football season, here’s our Monday Morning Quarterback roundup of what fans had to say on Twitter. The trends: Cousins, Cousins vs RG3, that other rookie—QB Andrew Luck of the Colts, whom the Redskins meet next Saturday afternoon at FedEx Field—and some controversy involving ESPN’s Skip Bayless.