A Jewel-Filled India-Themed Party at Georgetown’s A Mano Boutique (Photos)

The A Mano Shop showed off new items by designers from New Delhi and Jaipur.

By: Carol Ross Joynt

The party at Georgetown’s A Mano shop was focused on items from India, but it was difficult to ignore the array of timely political tchotchkes owner Adam Mahr had on display by the front door. “Democrats are buying all the cuff links and ties, which are sold out,” he said, “and Republicans are buying the ice trays.” Far be it from us to analyze what that means, though maybe Democrats have had it with ice and reputedly buttoned-down Republicans are well-stocked with ties and cuff links. Our personal favorite was the red tree ornament that featured a smiling and waving George W. Bush. His reaction to the 2012 election?

But, as mentioned, the party was a tribute to high fashion items from India, in particular the vibrant silk jackets and scarves by New Delhi designer Vivek Narang, jewels from Jaipur-based Amrapali, who claim to be “jewelers to the stars” of Hollywood and Bollywood, and a book-signing for Jacqueline Lundquist, who wrote Indian Journeys, and whose husband, Richard Celeste, was US ambassador to India during the Clinton administration. Unfortunately, Celeste missed his flight from Colorado to DC and so was not able to join his wife, which means he also missed the chance to sip tamarind margaritas and mango martinis and nibble on bite-size samosas and spinach fritters from Heritage restaurant.

Many guests flocked to the area of the store where Narang showed off his handmade silk jackets—some short, some below the knee—ranging in price from $450 to $675. The silks are overdyed in deep and bold shades, as are the color-blocked silk scarves, which are $75. Mahr said the scarves sold out, but more are on the way. He also carries evening clutches custom-made in India with semiprecious stones and gold threads.

The flashiest star of the evening was a ruby-and-diamond Amrapali necklace that was, according to Mahr, once worn by an actual star, Penelope Cruz, during Oscar party season. It was available for sale for $20,000. He also has Amrapali rings for $1,700. Comparatively, for that special someone, the George Bush tree ornament is $35.