Star Jones Weighs In on Michelle Obama’s Bangs

The lawyer and television personality had a few things to say.

By: Carol Ross Joynt

Photograph courtesy of Featureflash /

During an inaugural party at the Madison Hotel on Sunday night, a woman asked if she could sit at our round table. We said, “Of course.” 

When we looked closer we realized it was Star Jones, who has been many things but is best known as a celebrity lawyer and television personality. She said she was visiting Washington to take her nephew to the swearing-in ceremonies and the official inaugural balls. But what she wanted to talk about was what the media had been talking to her about. 

“Oh my, every where I go here, all reporters want to ask me is one question—what do I think of Mrs. Obama’s bangs? Over and over that’s all I’ve been asked,” Jones said. “I have no opinion on her bangs. Don’t they know black women don’t pay any attention to that sort of thing? We change our hairstyles all the time.” 

What we wanted to ask her was what she thought of Barbara Walters taking a fall at the British Embassy, bumping her head and ending up in a local hospital. Walters and Jones have had an on-and-off friendship, but before we could ask her, she announced she didn’t what to be interviewed. So instead we introduced her to Mayor Vincent Gray, who appeared impressed.