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The Tweet Beat: The Best Congressional Tweets of the Week
Comments () | Published May 22, 2009
There’s a distinctly pugnacious air about Capitol Hill this week. Sadly, John Carter seems to have abandoned last week’s spirit of warm and fuzzy bipartisanship in favor of tweeting like a Congressional Gossip Girl. John McCain has had a very exciting week, if his use of exclamation points are anything to go by. John Culberson has two tickets to the gun show, Bob Inglis takes a giant leap for mankind, Earl Blumenauer challenges George Will on both his dismissal of Portland’s eco-friendly cycling lanes and his choice of neckwear, Claire McCaskill finds solace in sports, and CNN “freshman”  reps Jared Polis and Jason Chaffetz have a Tweetfight about Guantanamo.

Schwarzenegger: - Here I am as Doctor Schwarzenegger
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, California.

SenJohnMcCain: On my way to speak to the NRA Annual Meeting in Phoenix!
Sen. John McCain, Arizona.

Randy_Forbes: Just read that dead people are being sent stimulus checks
Rep. Randy Forbes, Virginia.

JohnEnsign: Just got back from spending the day visiting our troops and touring the facilities where we hold some of the most dangerous people on Earth.
Rep. John Ensign, Nevada.

RoyBlunt: While many were discussing their positions on Guantanamo Bay, Robin Carnahan continued to conceal hers.
Rep. Roy Blunt, Missouri.

jaredpolis: Star Trek movie rocked. I’m a huge trekkie and appreciate honoring the alternate universe tradition within Trek. Great plot, great theme!
Rep. Jared Polis, Colorado.

johnculberson: I am at the Houston gun show at Reliant Center nxt to the Astrodome - one of my favorite yearly events - full of patriots and proud Texans!
Rep. John Culberson, Texas.

johnculberson: Wall to wall Texans - all of us passionate defenders of our God given right to self defense immortalized in the 2nd Amendment
Rep. John Culberson, Texas.

clairecmc: Anyone believe electeds who follw thousnds actually are readng all that? Maybe staff but no time to REALLY follow many if I’m doin my job.
Sen. Claire McCaskill, Missouri.

bobinglis: Just boarded plane for jump. Going to go up and look for some blue sky. If we find it, I get to jump with the 101st Airborne!
Rep. Bob Inglis, South Carolina.

bobinglis: Looks like it’s a go. We’ve found some blue sky!
Rep. Bob Inglis, South Carolina.

ArturDavis: Excited that Ruben Studdard will be performing at my campaign kick-off event on June 6th. Hope to see you there!
Rep. Artur Davis, Alabama.

bobinglis: Oh, yeah, sorry to leave you hanging--America’s best got me back to the ground safe and sound!
Rep. Bob Inglis, South Carolina.

SenJohnMcCain: Steve Schmidt did great on ABC’s This Week!
Sen. John McCain, Arizona.

JimDeMint: Just met with Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel. Good to see him again.
Sen. Jim DeMint, South Carolina.

JudgeCarter: Something cooking right now with the Democrats. The Pelosi/CIA Scandal is red hot. Will let you know when we find out.
Rep. John Carter, Texas.

JudgeCarter: Pelosi charged the CIA with lying to Congress. Head of the CIA Panetta says the CIA did not. Which one of these Democrats is lying?
Rep. John Carter, Texas.

SenJohnMcCain: Meeting with Dr. Kissinger - the smartest man in the world!
Sen. John McCain, Arizona.

repblumenauer: In Portland the P word is Progress. There’s one way to find out, Mr. Will, come to Portland and we’ll debate–what you write and what you see
Rep. Earl Blumenauer, Oregon.

repblumenauer: And bring your bowtie, your neckwear choice may be one area we may actually agree
Rep. Earl Blumenauer, Oregon.

RepShimkus: In debate on cash for clunkers?
Rep. John Shimkus, Illinois.

michaelcburgess: My staff tells me this mark-up is being carried live on CSPAN. It is worth a look if you are still awake.
Rep. Michael Burgess, Texas.

michaelcburgess: If anyone is watching, Waxman has gone off the deep end.
Rep. Michael Burgess, Texas.

jasoninthehouse: Whenever I see Howard Coble he calls me “kicker”. He is a very nice man.
Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Utah.

LeonardBoswell: How fun and exciting to watch Shawn Johnson and her partner WIN Dancing with the Stars!
Rep. Leonard Boswell, Iowa.

clairecmc: Every single day, during every single sportng event, there’re ongoing human tragedies,despair,&strife.I still think it’s ok to enjoy sports.
Sen. Claire McCaskill, Missouri.

jasoninthehouse: Congratulations, Colorado. You helped elect Pres. Obama and now you are likely to become a major target if detainees are in Colorado
Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Utah.

jaredpolis: @jasoninthehouse: Colorado stands ready to protect our nation. If it’s the best place, keep ‘em at
Rep. Jared Polis, Colorado.

jasoninthehouse: @jaredpolis: Glad to know Colorado would take the way for Utah
Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Utah.

jaredpolis: Wikipedia: “There is only one supermax prison in the United States federal system, ADX Florence in Florence, Colorado” Utah can’t handle ‘em
Rep. Jared Polis, Colorado.

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