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Our Most Popular Stories From 2012
From an exploration of DC’s marijuana culture to a news bite about Bill Clinton’s affinity for strawberry cake, here’s what you loved reading this year. By Tanya Pai
Comments () | Published December 18, 2012

Top 5 Stories From The Washingtonian’s Print Edition

1) Remains of the Day
A wedding photographer sets out to learn what happened to the couples who hired him for their big day.

2) Did Football Kill Austin Trenum?
When a well-adjusted Virginia teen suddenly killed himself, his parents looked for warning signs they had missed. But Austin had no dark secret, no teen angst. There was nothing—except for a concussion he had sustained during a football game a few days earlier.

3) High Society: Washington’s Love Affair With Marijuana
Medical marijuana is set to arrive in DC this summer. But the drug is already a much bigger part of upper-middle-class life here than you might think.

4) The Bearable Lightness of Being Tucker Carlson
He knows that people loathe him, think his career is in the toilet, and believe that his website, the Daily Caller, marks a new low in journalism. But the truth is that Tucker Carlson couldn’t be happier.

5) The Battle for the Cato Institute
Charles Koch and Ed Crane were once allies in the libertarian movement. Now the former friends are facing off in a fight for control of Cato, the think tank they founded together 35 years ago.

Top 5 Stories From

1) White House Source: President Will Have to Vacate Oval Office Next Year
Planned renovation to the White House means the next president—whoever it is—may be displaced from the Oval Office for as long as a year.

2) Fred Davis, Attorney at Law: The Courtroom Transcripts
“I don’t know what today is. All I know is I had court today,” the Redskins tight end testifies at a hearing in DC Superior Court.

3) Former White House Pastry Chef Recalls Bill Clinton’s “Scary” Appetite
At the Washington Winter Show, pastry chef Roland Mesnier shares anecdotes of the Clinton administration’s culinary demands.

4) Auctions Gone Wild: Did Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild Buy a Capitol Hill Summer Internship?
Chad Brownstein sends his “deepest regrets” to the senator.

5) What to Wear to Kill Osama bin Laden
In “No Easy Day,” author Mark Owen details the essential gear for an assault mission.


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