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Josephine Chu shows off the pattypan squash and its roasted counterpart. Photograph by Angie Hilsman

Maintaining a lively, in-season menu can be challenging, so we visited Common Good City Farm to get some inspiration for quick summer recipes. Program outreach coordinator Josephine Chu introduced us to pattypan squash, a whimsical looking vegetable with a fun name. Try her recipe as a side dish—if you can resist eating it right off the pan.

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Craving soup? Tide yourself over until fall with this simple summer soup. By Carlene Thomas
Photograph by Carlene Thomas.

They say in the South that you should never leave your car unlocked in the summer or someone will leave a ton of zucchini on your seat to get rid of it. Zucchini may be plentiful, but by making this crowd pleasing, customizable soup, youll use it up in no time. This zucchini soup is light, lean, and broth-based, and by adding toppings such as lean proteins or hearty grains, you can round this out as a complete meal.

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Missed out on the Marine Corps Marathon? An experienced race director shares her insider tips for getting a slot in one of DC’s most in-demand races. By Caroline Cunningham
Photograph via Shutterstock/Rena Schild.

Washington is a hot spot for runners--tens of thousands of runners congregate in the nation’s capital for races throughout the year, from the Marine Corps Marathon and the Army Ten-Miler in October to the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in March and the Cherry Blossom Ten Mile Run in April. But these races’ overwhelming popularity has also made it a bit of pure luck for runners to secure a spot--in 2012, the Marine Corps Marathon sold out in two hours and 41 minutes. And as the bigger races continue to add lottery programs, entry to the area’s best races is becoming more and more based on chance.

But there are a few ways you can put the odds in your favor, and to find out more about them, we consulted Kathy Dalby, CEO of Pacers Running. As CEO, Dalby both oversees the brand’s five stores as well as the Pacers-hosted road races. With her background as a race director, Dalby knows the ins and outs (and insider secrets) to getting registered for race day.

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Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock

Learn Krav Maga

N-Flux (at the YMCA National Capital), August 10

Get fit with self-defense moves developed for the Israeli military. Wear athletic apparel and bring water for your high-intensity introduction to Krav Maga. Register online to learn the fundamentals, mingle with other students, and work up a sweat. Free; Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30 PM.

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Photograph via Shutterstock.

Go Dancing

Coors Dance Studio, August 6

Get your groove on—even if you're not a professional dancer—with Zumba instructor Antoinette Montgomery. You don't need convincing to attend a class that combines muscle conditioning, cardio, and dance—plus, it's only $10. Register here, and go have fun. $10; 7:30 PM.

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Swap out your sugary store-bought jars for this nutrient-packed toast topper. By Carlene Thomas
Photograph by Carlene Thomas.

The chia superfood craze has been around for a while—we can’t blame you for loving the tiny, protein-packed and filling seeds—but how many of you still have residual chia in your pantry? If youre at a loss for what to do with all that chia, try making a summer fruit jam thats packed with fiber and omega 3s. By using chias natural gelling capabilities instead of relying on added pectin and cooking thats normally required for jam making, you’ll get a seasonal fruit topping without the work.

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Hint: There are burgers involved. By Caroline Cunningham

As the Mid-Atlantic area director for Shake Shack, Allan Ng is figuratively running all day long, checking in on the operations and the food quality at the local restaurants under his jurisdiction. And as the founder of the Shack Track & Field’s monthly running club, he’s literally running every second Tuesday of the month during the free workout that brings together members of the community for a sweat session that ends with a Shackmeister Ale.

This burger enthusiast is also a big-time biker--he recently completed a 600 mile bike ride to benefit No Kid Hungry--so he balances his love for Shake Shack food with healthy living and plenty of exercise. See how he stays fueled in this record of everything he eats in a day on the job.

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Photo via Shutterstock

Country-music singer Brandi Carlile performs tonight at Wolf Trap, but she'll be sticking around Washington this weekend—in spirit, at least—when her Fight the Fear campaign sponsors a free self-defense workshop Saturday at the Calvary Baptist Church on 8th St., Northwest.

The class will be led with local anti-harassment group Defend Yourself, which teaches church groups, students, and corporate audiences skills for stopping harassment, assault, and abuse.

"I believe that every issue that gets us closer to justice and equality is important, and for me, you have to start with the body," says the group's founder, Lauren Taylor. "If you can't feel safe in your own body, it's hard to move forward with anything else."

Taylor promotes the holistic side of self-defense, and recommends six techniques to practice at home.

"Physical defense and physical strikes are only one part of what it is," Taylor says. "We deal with everything from prevention and avoidance, understanding where the risks lie, to lots of things that come under the heading of verbal self-defense, whether that's assertiveness and boundary-setting or de-escalation."

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Photograph courtesy of the November Project.

November Project

Team spirit is high in this running club/boot camp—a Boston-born grassroots workout that arrived in DC in fall 2013. So is the fitness level: You may find yourself sprinting up the Lincoln Memorial steps. But the “just show up” group—which can number from 150 to 500 people on any given day—welcomes all. Meetups last about an hour and happen four times a week at 5:30 or 6:30 am.

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Photograph by Kelli Lesnak/Bits of Sweet Photography

Best New Take: Bethesda Salt Cave

Himalayan rock salt—said to help clear nasal passages and detoxify the body—lines the small “cave” at this spa in the form of boulders, bricks, and a sand-like layer on the ground. During guided yoga nidra meditations, guests lounge in zero-gravity recliners or lie on mats on the cool floor. Afterward, expect to breathe easier and feel relaxed. Sessions start at $35 without a membership. 4709 Montgomery La., Bethesda; 301-312-6377.

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