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Step away from the hot fudge and mochi. By Elissa Miolene
Photograph by Alexandralaw1977 via Shutterstock.

Frozen yogurt can be a sugar-loaded, caloric treat, disguised as a healthier option to ice cream. But, with some self-restraint at the toppings bar, a cup of froyo doesn't have to be so bad. Try out some of these satisfying combos for your next health-conscious froyo trip in the DC area.

(Note: a small is equal to 1/2 cup)

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The best bang for your buck at the grocery store tends to be in bulk packaging, which can make food shopping for one an excruciating process—especially while being mindful of nutrition. For a household of one, buying in bulk leads to a lot of waste, or a bland diet. Conversely, buying unpackaged items can get expensive quickly. We talked to nutrition consultant Rebecca Scritchfield for tips on efficient grocery shopping.

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In 1971, H.P. Hood Dairy created America’s first froyo. They christened it Frogurt, but the popularity of the product fizzled in and out for decades—that is, until its surge of notoriety in 2010. Frozen yogurt is now an American staple, kicking ice cream to the curb in terms of consumer preference.

According to the United States Census Bureau, nearly 79 percent of Americans prefer the low-cal treat before ice cream, gelato and snow cones. Clearly, times have changed: I certainly don’t scream for ice cream, and statistics say neither do you.

Five years have passed and America’s love of fro-yo has stuck. And somehow, this product fluke has transformed into a $2 billion industry in the United States alone. There’s no better way to honor our favorite summer treat than to re-examine froyo itself—and America’s national affair with it.

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FlyBarre instructor Marisa Workman shares intense moves for a stronger core and defined abs. By Ryan Weisser, Angie Hilsman
Photograph by Angie Hilsman.

If these hot temps don’t have you sweating, this barre routine will. Focusing on the abdominals, FlyBarre instructor Marisa Workman walks us through five exercises that will tighten up and tone your core.

Each sequence aims for total muscle “fatigue.” Basically, you go through each movement, or pulse, and hold each position until your muscles begin shaking. The shaking tells your body that you’ve reached muscle fatigue.

And repeat.

“Isolating every muscle group and working it to fatigue is what’s going to get you toned to look fit without flexing,” Workman said.

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Pair with crudite for a cool, easy snack. By Rebecca Scritchfield
Image via Shutterstock/Anna_Pustynnikova

When it’s this hot outside, cooler dishes call our name. Though eggplant can be a part of heartier stews and dishes (eggplant parmesan, we’re looking at you), baba ganoush is a light, healthy eggplant alternative that pairs perfectly with crudit√© for a snack or whole wheat pita triangles for a light meal. But thanks to the beautiful smoky flavors that come out through roasting the eggplant, Baba ganoush still has all the makings and of a rich-tasting dish.

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Personal trainer Ingrid Nelson gives her insights on the workout trend. By Angie Hilsman
Photograph courtesy of Ingrid Nelson

High-Intensity Interval Training is currently one of the biggest fads in fitness, and, according to personal trainer Ingrid Nelson, that's because it works.

"It is a greatway to boost weight loss— it burns fat faster and for longer—it's a short workout, it preserves muscle mass, it helps endurance athletes, and you can do it anywhere," said Nelson.

Nelson, who will lead a 40-minute bootcamp at Washingtonian Fit Fest this Saturday, dished out her top five HIIT moves, why they work, and how to do them correctly.

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The MCM lottery may be over, but you can still participate by running for a cause. By Angie Hilsman
Photograph courtesy of Vsevolod33 /

Paralyzed Veterans of America is accepting runners to join its 40th Marine Corps Marathon team on October 25 in Arlington. The charity, headquartered in DC, aims to raise awareness, and $20,000, for veteran programs through its Racing to Empower Veterans—REVolution—initiative.

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Personal trainer Errick McAdams gives his 6 favorite moves. By Angie Hilsman
Photography and .gifs by Angie Hilsman

Bikini season has already started, and although you're finally seeing results from working out, you may not have the definition you've been craving. We caught up with personal trainer Errick McAdams to get his advice for toning up before the beach.

"The best exercise for any given muscle group is the exercise you don't normally do," McAdams says, before sharing a six-step circuit. That means if you don't normally run stairs, you should run stairs. "Whenever you get your body out of its comfort zone, that's when it starts to change."

Try McAdams's 20-minute, full-body, toning routine before unveiling the beach bod this weekend, but don't hesitate to mix it up if you're already familiar with these moves.

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Trainer Michelle Risinger shares her method for lean, mean limbs.  By Caroline Cunningham
Image courtesy Michelle Risinger.

With the season of sleeveless shirts upon us, there’s few things women want more than the secret to well-defined arms. Piloxing, an exercise that fuses the high-energy and intensity of boxing with the controlled toning movements of Pilates, is a full-body workout that involves a number of moves to transform triceps.

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Here's what to do with your zucchini, beets, and eggplant. By Angie Hilsman
Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock

Salads are an easy go-to in the hot summer months, but a bowl of lettuce, tomato, and croutons gets old quickly. Switch up more than just the dressing. Try any of these nine salad recipes to keep your health goals and stay refreshed.

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