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A crunchy, creamy, delicious mix of vegetables. By Rebecca Scritchfield
Image via Shutterstock/travellight.

Coleslaw is a summer grill out staple, but with mounds of mayonnaise in it, it’s hardly considered a health food. Though this version is mayo-free, it’s still creamy, flavorful, and chock-full of veggies. Make it for Memorial Day and you’ll wonder why you ever used to buy the tub of soggy slaw from the grocery store.

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Who needs pulled pork when you've got mushrooms, eggplant, and the miraculous meat-subsitute Jackfruit? By Ryan Weisser
This chipotle BBQ pulled portobello sandwich, topped with fresh cilantro and feta cheese, makes a great alternative to a traditional pulled pork or brisket sammie. Photograph by The Artful Desperado.

Summer can be rough on vegetarians, who can get stuck eating only potato salad and popsicles at cookouts. Not even the baked beans are safe (they're usually made with bacon, pork, or other animal-based additives).

So what's a rabbit-food-lover to do?

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"I don’t eat pasta during the week," she says. By Emily Codik
Maria Trabocchi mostly keeps things carb-free. All photos by Maria Trabocchi.

Though Maria Trabocchi is constantly surrounded by pasta, she rarely indulges. She adheres to a low-carb diet. "I don't eat pasta during the week, so I can enjoy my designated 'cheat day' on Sundays when anything goes," she says.

That's not exactly what you'd expect from the restaurateur who owns three of the best Italian spots in town—Fiola, Fiola Mare, and Casa Luca—alongside her chef-husband, Fabio. Trabocchi, who grew up in Mallorca and Madrid, oversees what she describes as the restaurants's guest experience, juggling the demands of some of Washington's biggest players, including Michelle Obama. To stay on her toes, Trabocchi exercises with a trainer and eats healthfully. Here's how she eats on an ordinary day.

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Overcoming sugar withdrawals can be the worst part of eating healthier, but these two dietitians share their secrets for success. By Angie Hilsman
Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock.

As the weather heats up, it's easy to reach for ice-cold fraps and sugary drinks to quench the thirst, but artificial sweetners are a sure way to slow down your summer fun. Registered dietician Danielle Omar and nutrition counselor Katherine Tallmadge share their top tips for satisfying the sweet tooth while cutting out added sugar.

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This low-sugar recipe is perfect for breakfast, snack, or dessert! By Angie Hilsman
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Limiting sugar intake can be a great way to up energy, improve health, and avoid cavities, but it can be difficult to balance nutrition and a nagging sweet tooth.

"There is no one-size-fits-all," said registered dietician Danielle Omar. Recommended sugar intake depends on a person's health history and lifestyle, but limiting to six teaspoons of sugar a day is a great start, she said. Omar shared her banana chia pudding recipe with us to get ahead of the sugar cravings, and it only has two teaspoons of sugar.

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As Washingtonian got ready for Friday's Bike to Work Day, we realized we had enough bike-related content to fill an entire week. So fill a week we did. Here's a rundown of all the bike-related articles we've published lately. As someone who's been getting to work on two wheels since 2006, I sincerely hope they encourage you to try bike commuting. Sometimes it can be frustrating, but most of the time it's one of the best parts of my day.

Have a fun, safe ride tomorrow.

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Biking 10-plus miles to work on Friday? At least look awesome while you do it. By Caroline Cunningham, Ryan Weisser

Prepare to ride to work in style with helmets, jackets, and gloves that will help keep you cool, safe, and comfortable on your route. Take advantage of the technological advancements in these smart products that are designed with urban bikers in mind.

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Celebrate DC's athletes with games, a parade, and more! By Angie Hilsman
Photograph courtesy of Maria-Nelly Johnson

For the 15th year in a row, the 2015 Special Olympics DC will kick off with opening day at the Raymond A. DuFour Center on the Catholic University campus on Friday, May 15, at 11am.

The games are in their 46th year, and this year, spectators can cheer on over 900 athletes who underwent a minimum of eight weeks of training before qualifying to participate in track and field, socer, volleyball, and bocce competitions.

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Illustrations by Lauren Joseph.

Anyone who wants to start rolling to work faces a bewildering array of choices. Should you get a fancy road bike? Hit Craigslist? Buy a hybrid, whatever that is?

If you plan to buy a new rig, no need to plonk down for a bike capable of traversing the Andes. Try out midprice bikes on an extended ride (many stores offer test rides), and make sure it fits. “A bike should not be uncomfortable at all,” says Erik Kugler, cofounder of the DC chain BicycleSpace. Knees should be slightly bent at the bottom of your pedal stroke, with your back at a 45-degree angle.

And the bike should fit your personal style and your needs. Here's a quiz that may help:

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Curb your sugar cravings with this surprisingly sweet and savory salad. By Angie Hilsman
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Avoiding additional sugars and satisfying the sweet tooth are no easy feats, especially in summer when Sunday-afternoon cookouts and ice-cream trucks are on the rise. Lucky for us, nutrition counselor Katherine Tallmadge shared this tasty salad recipe from her book, Diet Simple Farm To Table Recipes: 50 New Reasons to Cook in Season. Make a bowl for your next family cookout, or save a serving to bring to work.

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