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Angry Bicyclist Stabs Motorist for Cutting Him Off

A road rage attack shows that despite DC’s efforts, the relationship between bikers and drivers remains fragile.

Just yesterday we wrote about the installation of the L Street Cycle Track and DC’s growing efforts to become a bike-friendly city. But after an incident Wednesday night between a bicyclist and motorist that left the latter stabbed and bleeding, we may have taken a step backward. 

DC Police were called to the scene in Northwest DC Wednesday night at approximately 10:20 PM for an apparent road rage attack that left a motorist injured after a bicyclist stabbed him, according to a report by NBC 4 Washington. The aggravated assault occurred on the 1600 block of Massachusetts Avenue. 

After the bicyclist was cut off, witnesses said he used a bike lock to hit the driver’s side mirror. The driver, 28, then got out of his car and confronted the bicyclist. The two began to fight, which ended in the bicyclist stabbing the motorist in his side, according to a tweet sent out by the police department that night. 

The bicyclist, who fled the scene, is said to be in his late twenties or early thirties. He was wearing a tan shirt and has a thin build. He faces charges of aggravated assault and destruction of property.

  • Emily

    Very sad that it came to this.
    Motorists need to keep in mind that when they "cut off" a cyclist, they may be concerned about a dent in their bumper, but the cyclist fears she may be maimed or killed.
    This doesn't justify violence, but it does make it somewhat easier to comprehend.
    Don't be surprised if someone you almost kill reacts negatively towards you.

  • Concerned citizen

    Being a regular driver, walker, biker and motorcyclist, it is clear to me that too many people routinely ignore traffic laws and endanger others. However, this is often not intentional, and should not be assumed to be so. In my experience, when I calmly tell someone that they almost killed me, it REALLY gets their attention, rather than freaking out on them. Peace to all.

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