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The Track Workout: Fit Check

Turn your race training up a notch with this easy-to-follow track workout

With temperatures in the low 80s for the foreseeable future (yay!), this week might be the perfect time to work on race-day pace training at a local track.

If you’re in training for a race, “it’s important to step outside the comfort zone of the typically slow, steady pace of your daily training runs,” says George Buckheit, head coach of Capital Area Runners. “Interval workouts can help you develop race-ready fitness.”

Buckheit offers this track workout of 800 meter and 400 meter repeats. The two-time All American recommends running early in the morning or around sunset. And remember to pack a water bottle—you’ll want to drink several ounces of fluid between each set.

Warm Up: 10 to 15 minutes of easy jogging and light stretching.
Workout: 800- and 400-meter intervals.
Sets: For beginners, two to three sets. For advanced runners, four to six sets.

1. Run 800 meters (two laps) at your 5K pace. If you haven’t run a 5K race recently and don’t have a reference point, select a pace that’s approximately two minutes faster than your typical long-distance-training pace.
2. Jog a slow, relaxed 400-meter (one lap) recovery.
3. Run 400 meters at a pace about three to five seconds faster than your 800-meter pace.
4. Rest for two minutes and be sure to drink some fluids.
5. Repeat the set.

Cool down: 10 to 15 minutes of easy jogging.

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  • I'll use these simple tips though it's very hot this week. I might tone it down a little if it becomes too difficult. thanks anyway.

  • I would suggest to start small and gradually work up from there.

  • A nice workout program. It;s especially important to run the 5k at your own pace. If you're new to running then I would suggest a run/walk combo for the 5k. The important thing is being able to finish the distance - as you get stronger and fitter you'll be able to do more.

  • I am a cyclist and fitness lover.I say that workout is great but I think that if you use sports devices like a heart rate monitor then it will be more good for you.Thanks for sharing.

  • Its a great workout and i am impressed with it. You have shared beautiful about track workout. I have learnt lot of new information. Great work and i like it. I will keep this information in my mind and try this workout.

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