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Holiday Gift Guide: 14 Awesome Fitness Clothes Under $50

Professional-quality gear for your favorite workout fan that won’t empty your wallet.

It’s true that buying some sleek fitness clothes can help motivate even the laziest couch potato to work out. But the absurd price tags you find these days on sports bras or running spandex can make one say, “Totally not worth it.” Here at Well+Being, we believe that we don’t have to let expensive clothes prevent us from getting our sweat on. We scoured fitness stores and websites to find sweet clothes that come in at $50 or less. Whoever you’re buying for may not use the gear during the dessert-laden holidays, but at least it’ll be ready to rock come January, the biggest weight-loss month of the year.

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  • Kac427

    The captions on photos 5 and 6 are wrong. Photo 6 has what should be the caption for 5, and 5 has nothing. I really like the hoodie in 6 but now I have no idea where to find it!

  • melrom

    Hi! Thanks for catching that error. The post has been updated with the correct captions. Hint: The jacket is from Target!

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