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Local Yoga Community Unites for Presidential Campaign

Plus: Free yoga classes on election day? We’re in.

On election day, local yoga studios in Washington will offer free classes as a way to bring the yoga community together "on a day of great divide." Photograph courtesy of lululemon athletica.

Feel like you need to unwind after the high-energy presidential debate this week? The local yoga community understands.

Two major yoga-centric organizations, YogaVotes and Lululemon, are each offering events in the next two weeks to encourage the yoga community to unite during the campaign and go out and vote on November 6.

This Sunday, YogaVotes, a nonpartisan action campaign, will host the free Vote Your Heart event at the Lincoln Memorial at 3 PM. Local instructors and meditation teachers, District leaders, and grassroots activists will lead the event, which was organized to encourage conscious civic participation in the yoga community.

“The political process is in dire need of mindful and compassionate voices speaking out and getting involved,” said Off the Mat cofounder Seane Corn in a statement. “Voting provides us with the opportunity to have a say in the people and policies that govern our local municipalities, our states, and our country. Our goal is for this community of yogis to understand that their participation can make a difference in the future of the nation—and to use what they learn on the mat in their decision-making process off the mat.”

In addition, for the whole of election day, 45 local studios will offer free yoga classes as part of Lululemon’s initiative to bring the yoga community together “on a day of great divide.” For a list of the participating studios, visit Lululemon’s website.

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