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Registration for the Color Run 5K Opens Today

This fun race may be the best excuse to get a little down and dirty—and extremely colorful.

The Color Run takes place in DC on September 9 and October 21. Photograph courtesy of the Color Run's Facebook page.
Registration for the Color Run in DC, the 5K event that’s filled with “color madness,” opens today at noon.

Forget about sweat and grime after running this race, taking place September 9 and again October 21. During the Color Run around National Harbor, runners and walkers start off with a crisp white T-shirt and end completely covered in colored dust—a walking tie-dyed work of art, if you will.

If you’re looking to get ultra-competitive and win a medal, this 5K race is probably not for you. But if you’re a group of friends or a whole family looking for an excuse to have some healthy fun and add color to your day, the Color Run is probably your best bet.

Each kilometer is designated a certain color. After the first kilometer, you’ll be doused in yellow, by the second you’ll add some blue to your attire, then green, then pink. By the finish line, get ready to be hit with a whole rainbow of colors. But don’t worry—organizers say the dust is 100 percent natural and safe.

Register online for $35 $40. Prices are expected to increase at a later date. Teams (four people or more) and walkers can register for $30 $35.

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