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Take Our Best of Fitness in DC Survey

A randomly selected participant will win tickets to see “New York Times” columnist Mark Bittman at Sixth & I Historic Synagogue.

We all have our preferences when it comes to fitness. Favorite running trail. The best personal trainer in DC. The indoor cycling instructor with the best music. 

And we want to hear your picks.

Fill out our survey to help us determine Well+Being readers’ choices for best barre studio, local race, healthy restaurant, and more. A randomly selected participant will win two tickets to see New York Times columnist Mark Bittman at Sixth & I Synagogue on Saturday, May 4, as well as a copy of his book Eat Vegan Before 6.

The winner will be announced May 2. Good luck!

Take the Washingtonian Best of Fitness Survey.
  • Rosey Hunter

    Hipsfitness is a great fitness class and certified in various classes.

  • DCgrl

    How did Bike Barre not make your list for best barre studios?? Shocking because they are amazing with a fantastic lineup of instructors and a very dedicated group of clients!

  • Off Road Cycling has been my new favorite this year! Great classes, fabulous instructors, excellent workout.

  • Natalie

    Revolve's instructors connect with their cyclers. They have it all figured out.

  • Caroline

    Revolve Fitness caters to all cyclers. I cycle there when the weather doesnt permit, and they do a great job simulating an outdoor cycling experience through different intervals of speed and resistence. Great bikes as well.

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