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Food Diaries: How a Vegetarian Chef Eats

Rachel Morris does vegetarian cooking demos at Whole Foods. Does she stay on track with her own diet?

You might have come across Rachel Morris at the Whole Foods Market in Foggy Bottom, where each month she puts on cooking demonstrations and teaches vegetarian cooking classes. While she cooks vegan and healthy at home, she admits she likes to splurge on a cookie or pizza when she’s out and about. She also works out four times a week, including kickboxing and indoor cycling classes. Find out how the vegan-friendly cook eats for a day.

Breakfast: “I usually go light at breakfast, starting with coffee and my staple oatmeal (rolled oats, almond milk, blueberries, almonds and cinnamon) or sometimes a banana. I don’t eat breakfast until I’m hungry. I like to think my body will tell me when it’s awake and needs food.”

Lunch: “Sandwiches are my favorite lunch food. I’ll have a homemade veggie burger with mashed avocado on a whole wheat bagel thin. I find I sustain the most energy when I eat small meals. If I’m still hungry after a good 30 minutes, I’ll have something else. On this day I followed with a KIND Bar.”

Dinner: “I have to admit I sometimes don’t have a typical dinner. It can be a hodgepodge of things such as carrots and hummus, chips and salsa, a few bites of some leftovers, whatever. If I’m heading out for drinks I’ll have something satisfying but light enough to save room for something later. A salad with avocado and hummus for dressing does the trick.”

Snack: “I ate light and healthy all day because I knew I’d want something to snack on with my wine at happy hour and it wouldn’t be healthy. I happily split an order of fries with my friend and enjoyed every bite without an ounce of guilt.”

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  • Jack Khan

    Those food look so fantastic. Never thought that a chef could have as healthy as these ones. Wishing I could have some bites of these.

  • G.


  • Poodge

    All of this food looks amazing!!! I'm a vegan and always looking for new recipes. Thanks for posting!

  • Tobester

    That avocado salad looks awesome. And definitely simple enough that even I could throw that together. Eating vegan meant (finally) learning how to cook, but man, do I save a lot more money now.

  • Wow. Nice

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