Lebanese Taverna - Arlington

5900 Washington Blvd.
Arlington, VA 22205


Cuisines: Lebanese

Opening Hours:
Open Monday through Thursday for dinner, Friday through Sunday for lunch and dinner. Exact hours change throughout the year.

Nearby Metro Stops: East Falls Church

Price Range: Moderate

Dress: Informal

Noise Level: Chatty

Reservations: Not Needed


Great Takeout: Lebanese Taverna Market

Stand before the long glass case of mezze and you’re likely to find yourself pointing to one delicious-looking item after another and saying, “I’ll take some of that and some of that and . . . .” Fortunately, it all makes for fine leftovers.

We recommend the creamy hummus or baba ghanoush, spinach fatayers (best slightly heated), vegetarian grape leaves, loubieh (green beans cooked in tomato sauce with garlic), and m’saka (eggplant and chickpeas). There are juicy chicken and lamb shawarma sandwiches and an excellent, well-priced olive bar. While some items are priced by the piece ($1.25 for spinach fatayer, $6.50 for lamb shawarma), most market offerings are sold by weight and range from $4.59 to $10.49 a pound.

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