Maple Ave Restaurant

147 Maple Ave. W.
Vienna, VA 22810


Neighborhood: Vienna

Cuisines: Fusion/Eclectic, American, Breakfast

Opening Hours:
Monday 5 to 9:30, Tuesday through Saturday 11 to 2 and 5 to 10, Sunday 11 to 2 and 5 to 9:30.

Nearby Metro Stops: Vienna/Fairfax-GMU

Price Range: Moderate

Dress: Informal

Reservations: Not Needed


Special Features: Kid Friendly

Maple Ave Restaurant: Best of Breakfast and Brunch 2012

If your idea of brunch is a hopscotch among stations to load up on waffles, omelets, and steamship roast beef, you might look askance at chef Tim Ma’s menu, which at times seems to turn breakfast into dinner. Fortunately, his eclectic and playful sensibility is backed up with attention to detail, whether a soulful plate of shrimp ’n’ grits or scrambled eggs studded with Chinese sausage and served with kimchee and sticky rice. Desserts are virtuosic and fun: fried dumplings oozing chocolate, a tangy-sweet lemon-yuzu tart, and a marvelous sampler of delicate mochi. Saturday and Sunday 11 to 2.