Roxsan Stonewater Spa & Boutique
A good value if silence is not mandatory. Appropriate to its milieu, Roxsan has an alluring gift shop.
Reviewed By Ann Cochran
Comments () | Published February 13, 2007

Roxsan Stonewater Spa & Boutique
Address: 11301 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20895
Phone: (301) 881-7505
Neighborhood: Bethesda/Glen Echo
Nearby Metro Stops: White Flint
If you can get past the movie crowd—literally—at White Flint Mall, you will be glad you found Roxsan.

The brochure promises the $75, 50-minute Swedish massage will produce the “deepest of calm to your being.” So true. I could have slept for six hours when it was over.

My massage therapist, Karla, was relaxed and friendly, to just the right point. As I chatted, she answered minimally and let things quiet down naturally. I appreciated this as much as the heated bed. Soft music blurred most of the sounds from the other side of the wall, and I fell in and out of that neither-here-nor-there zone of consciousness. Karla knew what areas needed work without my telling her.

Roxsan’s open waiting area has a sign reminding clients to turn off cell phones and leave children elsewhere. Unfortunately, this should-be serene space is close enough to the pedicure chairs that I got a lesson in blackjack while I drank my postmassage herbal tea.
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