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Best of 2004: Makeup

Carol Summerville is the best department-store makeup saleswoman in town.

Had it with department-store makeup saleswomen who (a) overly make you up, (b) insist that their results cannot be re-created unless you buy every product they used, or (c) have so many steps that you'd have to be Michelangelo to do it yourself?

That's why we like Carol Summerville at the Mazza Gallerie Neiman Marcus's Laura Mercier counter (5300 Wisconsin Ave., NW; 202-966-9700). She's realistic about how much shading, dusting, and blending the average woman can handle and which products are worth the investment. It helps that Laura Mercier's focus is on looking like you have the perfect complexion–something that will make even your $2 Wet 'n' Wild lipstick look priceless.

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