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A full day of wellness activities to help grow the mind, body and soul

Coronavirus 2020

About Coronavirus 2020

Washingtonian is keeping you up to date on the coronavirus around DC.

On Thursday, July 30, Washingtonian’s own Mimi Montgomery sat down for a paramount discussion on women’s health with a few of DC’s top female physicians, specializing in OB-GYN, Primary Care & Mental Health. The speakers included: Dr. Lisa Shah, Chief Medical Officer at Liv by Advantia Health, Dr. Meredith Kapner  an OB-GYN with OB-GYN Associates of Advantia and Dr. Heather Johnson a partner at Reither, Hill and Johnson of Advantia. They discussed a number of issues in women’s healthcare; such as, virtual wellness, mental health, the impacts of COVID on infertility and menopause, as well as touched on ways women’s healthcare is evolving in the district.

Dr. Shah kicked off the conversation by discussing why Advantia Health is attempting to restructure the current health model, and Liv’s mission to achieve a more holistic approach to women’s healthcare. “[For Women] to be able to schedule six different appointments in a year to get the care they need is an unfair burden put on women by the healthcare system”, says Shah, “Liv’s mission is to bring integrative, comprehensive, and convenient care under one roof”.

The conversation continued with Dr. Johnson discussing how the pandemic has impacted women of all ages. An advocate for mental health, Johnson, advises her patients to give themselves at least fifteen minutes a day to step away from their everyday stresses. “You don’t have to go from a couch potato to an iron-woman, just start”, Johnson states. She continues to explain that even doing simple things can achieve better overall wellness, “Go out the door, put your shoes on and go for a walk. Maybe you just sit and meditate, empty your mind. Share with people to feel human again, it doesn’t have to be a lot”.

Dr. Kepner provided attendees with insight on steps hospitals and physicians are currently implementing to protect expecting mothers when they enter hospitals. “The first thing is we’re all practicing distancing and using personal protective equipment. Most hospitals admitting people for any gynecological exams are also undergoing coronavirus testing, so we can appropriately manage patients”, says Kepner.  She goes on to explain how hospitals are dedicated to maintaining the level of magic and intimacy that comes with childbirth, even amid all these new changes.

Washingtonian’s Wellness Day also was home to a number of other fun wellness activities to not only stretch the mind, but body as well. Here’s what else happened:

The Glow Club‘s founder, Caitlin Fox, amplified participants’ morning rituals by hosting a Morning Glow meditation session. This unique class provided attendees the ability to clear away information overload. Allowing them to mentally leap over those everyday distractions, and start their morning a bit more focused.

Rumble DC’s Arnie Gaither provided great music, a sweat-drenched workout, and next-level energy that pushed attendees to their limits. 

Talk about the perfect pandemic routine! Missed an event? Click the links below for the full videos.

Thank you to Liv by Advantia Health for supporting the event!

Travis Wolfe
Manager, Events & Marketing