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Love Your Pet: Tony Blankley and his Pets

Tony Blankley has more pet llamas than the average American household

This article is from 2006's Pet Guide package. The information may be out-of-date, so please call locations listed for new information.

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Washington Times editorial-page editor Tony Blankley is used to the chaos of newspaper work. But even at home, he has a lot to handle. Blankley and his wife, Lynda Davis, have three llamas, two sheep, four horses, three dogs, ten cats, a gerbil, and–the main attraction–six peacocks.

The peacocks live in an aviary on the Blankleys' 12-acre farm in Great Falls and were adopted because, Blankley says, he thought they looked nice.

"I take all my tailoring advice from them," says Blankley, known as a colorful dresser.

Blankley and his wife love animals. Blankley, a former press secretary for onetime Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, grew up with dogs and cats. Once the couple started adopting animals, it was hard to stop.

Many of their neighbors live on large farms with animals. Still, children come by to look at the peacocks, which spend most of their day preening and ruffling their tail feathers.

Blankley takes time to "chat" with his menagerie. He says, "I just like animals for their beauty, simplicity, and their honesty."