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W. Ellington Felton

Actor, hip-hop artist, and DJ

This article is from 2006's Men With Style package. To see 2007's Men With Style package, click here.

Photograph by Matthew Worden

W. Ellington Felton, 29

Actor, hip-hop artist, and DJ

What’s your fashion philosophy? Clothes don’t make a man cool. It’s the man who makes clothes cool. Be an individual.

Favorite designers? Paper Denim & Cloth, Nike, Hugo Boss, and American Apparel. I also love those five-for-$10 i love dc shirts.

Biggest splurge? A pair of sneakers called JB Classics. Only 200 pairs were made, and I own pair number 111. They were $600, but a little flirting with the girl who owned the store in Dallas got me a discount. Still, I paid more for them than for any other sneakers I have.

Best bargain? It’s a tie between some limited-edition Nike Terminators Arizona Final 4 sneakers for $10 from a Nike outlet and a Doug Williams Super Bowl sweatshirt for $2.

Fashion advice? If you can’t afford it, wait a week or two. I guarantee that by then it will be cheaper. And if people dis what you’re wearing, don’t sweat it.