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Former presidential speechwriter tells “thoroughly riveting crime story with little trace of politics.”

 Gilder, a former presidential speechwriter for Reagan and Bush Senior, takes on a new challenge in his debut novel: He tells a thoroughly riveting crime story with little trace of politics.

 Jackson Maebry is a plastic surgeon called into the emergency room just as he’s leaving to meet up with his girlfriend, Allie. In the ER he finds a young woman beaten, bruised, and burned beyond recognition. He soon discovers an Hermès silk scarf around her neck—identical to the one he gave Allie. Jackson realizes the woman is his lover.

 He tries to keep his relationship with Allie a secret out of fear he won’t be allowed to continue as her doctor, but when the police enter the picture, he becomes the lead suspect. Struggling to discover the truth about Allie’s past while haunted by the psychological turmoil of his own, Jackson must prove his innocence to police, his coworkers, and himself. Meanwhile, those around him begin to doubt his integrity.

 Gilder masterminds a tale that even the best detective would be hard-pressed to decipher. His precision in medical terminology and procedures reflects scrupulous research, and each character is a multidimensional, integral part of the narrative. Numerous stories unfold simultaneously, converging skillfully at the end.

Ghost Image is best read when you have no time constraints because you won’t want to stop.

Joshua Gilder

Simon & Schuster