Reliable tempura, teriyaki, and sushi that's easy on the wallet.

From June 2005 Cheap Eats

This is a very good Japanese restaurant. The sushi and sashimi are first-rate, with a few hard-to-find specials listed on the blackboard over the sushi counter. Many choices are $3.95 or lower, including tuna, salmon, shrimp, and surf clam. Good appetizers are the chicken yakitori; gyoza dumplings; very tender negimaki, slices of beef encircling scallions; and edamame, boiled and salted soybeans. A blackboard special of ika sansai–morsels of smoked squid with winter vegetables–is excellent.

Fine main courses under $15 are salmon teriyaki and the very impressive shrimp tempura. For under $12 you can get mixed tempura; chicken teriyaki; udon with fresh vegetables and egg with shrimp tempura on top; and katsu don, an omelet of breaded pork with sautéed onions and scallions.