Annie’s Paramount Steak House

Steak for breakfast, lunch, and dinner-- even a midnight snack.

June 2004 Cheap Eats

Three great things about Annie's Paramount Steakhouse, a mostly gay but straight-friendly steakhouse on Dupont Circle's 17th Street dining strip: bargain-priced steaks, breakfast, and great burgers. The steak you get at Annie's is not the USDA Prime, dry-aged steak you'll find at Morton's or the Palm, but it's good quality beef, cooked to order, and at a price that gives you a satisfying dinner for less than the $50-a-couple Cheap Eats limit. Steaks are priced, depending on size, from $12.50 to $24.95. For that you get two sides–it's best to stick with a salad and French fries.

Breakfast at Annie's is served daily. It's a hearty three-eggs-plus-meat affair, not a brunch, and Annie's is one of the few places in town where you can order your eggs scrambled soft and have a good chance of getting them that way. Annie's burger, once limited to lunches and weekends but now available anytime, is very good–moist, cooked to order, and accompanied by thick-cut steak fries. If you venture much beyond the steaks, breakfast, and burgers on Annie's large menu, the results are less dependable.