Easy-on-the-wallet Chinese, Thai, and sushi under one roof.

November 2004

On almost any evening, the crowd in this MacArthur Boulevard restaurant reflects the neighborhood–families with young children, older couples, and a sprinkling of singles attracted by the casual atmosphere and low prices. Housed in a converted gas station, Bambu is almost unique among the restaurants in this neighborhood in having some parking in front.

The menu is pan-Asian, primarily Chinese and Thai, with a sushi bar for good measure. The Thai dishes are generally more successful than the Chinese. The duck roll was very good, but Chinese fried-meat dumplings suffered from a thick, doughy crust. Ma po tofu, though indicated as spicy, was rather bland. Shrimp in the shell with spicy salt were fresh and good, but their seasoning seemed blander than in most Chinese restaurants. The Thai beef with fresh basil and the Thai curried chicken with coconut milk were both very good.