Full Kee – Falls Church

It might be bigger and brighter than the Chinatown original, but the cooking is largely the same.

From Best of Falls Church 2004

Diners familiar with the fine Full Kee in DC's Chinatown need no further inducement to try this new outpost of its cooking. Operated by the original Full Kee team, it is larger, brighter, and more colorful than DC's branch. The good news is that the cooking is virtually the same quality, largely because the Chinatown team opened the restaurant and broke in the staff while the DC place was undergoing renovations.

The dishes that made Full Kee famous are here. Try the fragrant chicken broth loaded with egg noodles, wontons, or shrimp dumplings and topped with one of the barbecue offerings of roast pig, duck, or pork loin. Or enjoy the "gourmet" dishes, which include the likes of pig's knuckle and the excellent combination of pig's skin and turnip. Good offerings from the regular menu include clams in black-bean sauce, oyster casserole with ginger and scallions, snow peas stir-fried with garlic, tofu stuffed with shrimp, or deep-fried shrimp coated with seasoned salt and served with edible shell and head.