Full Kee – MD

Don't miss the Hong Kong-style roasted meats.

From November 2005 “Best of Wheaton”

Chinese regulars know to dine on the early side lest the kitchen run out of the roasted meats this bustling restaurant is known for. The combo platter offers a chance to try all three: roast duck, roast pork, and soy-sauce chicken.

Round out the meal with specials like clams with black-bean sauce, stir-fried snow-pea leaves with garlic, and Lotus Root Delight. Soy-sauce noodles and shredded pork with pan-fried noodles are worth ordering from the regular menu. Congee fans have several to choose from–the beef-squid-and-peanut version rocks, and the casserole of eggplant with salted fish and chicken will do strange but wonderful things to your taste buds. Shrimp dumpling and noodle soup is a soothing meal in a bowl, Hong Kong style.