Cho Cu Saigon

A spot for Hong Kong-style fare in the Eden Center.

From August 2004 Best of Falls Church

Do not be misled by the name of this hard-to-find restaurant–it serves very good Hong Kong Chinese food. It's in the Eden Center, the heart of the local Vietnamese community, and it serves a largely Vietnamese clientele. While it is very small and informal, it serves fine Cantonese food. A more upscale version of the same cooking can be found at Vinh Kee, which shares the same management.

Many diners stick to the menu of simple dishes, which includes Hong Kong-style noodle soup loaded with wontons or shrimp dumplings. Toppings for the soup include roast duck, roast pig, or pork, which also can be ordered separately. The soy-sauce chicken is good. The full menu features the likes of clams with black bean sauce, casseroles of meat and vegetables, and excellent stir-fried vegetable dishes. The daily specials are consistently good bets.