A salumeria and gourmet shop with an array of hard-to-find provisions.

From February 2005 Dirt Cheap Eats

The woman at the head of the line proclaims, out of nowhere, "I love this store!" The Italian gourmet shop is filled with treats: One table is piled with platters of Italian-grandmother cookies. A dessert case holds house-made cannolis ($1.89 to $3.99). There are pots of olives, shelves of imported cheeses and meats, jars of preserves and honey.

It's hard not to go wild and run up the tab, but stick to the pastries and high-quality sandwiches ($6.99 to $7.99), like transparent shavings of prosciutto with balsamic, olive oil, and provolone, and Italian roast beef with Gorgonzola sauce.

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