Golden Flame

A decades-old dining lounge that does Greek classics right.

From September 2004 Best of Silver Spring

With the closing of Greek Taverna, this is the best game in town for Greek. Golden Flame has been dishing up moussaka, not to mention steaks, seafood, and pasta, for decades. Mini murals of the Aegean liven up the large dining room formal enough for tablecloths but casual enough for a salad bar.

Greek classics like tzatziki, moussaka, nicely charred whole rockfish, and rack of lamb enlivened by oregano are standouts. There are a couple of shrimp dishes with oregano and feta, lamb shish kebab, and roast lamb with ample jus. Lamb is cooked the way Greeks like it–well done. If you prefer it medium rare, choose something that can be made to order. And though other corners of the menu have their attractions–the crab balls are chock full of lump crab and beautifully fried–it's the Greek dishes that will bring you back.