Good Fortune – Wheaton

The dim sum carts at this Hong Kong-style dining room are laden with dishes both familiar and unusual.

From June 2005 Cheap Eats

Heaven may well be a dim sum cart laden with shark-fin dumplings, roast-pork buns, and eight-treasure sweet rice in lotus leaves. This divine fare is served up every Saturday and Sunday from a fleet of dim sum carts that make their way around Good Fortune's two dining rooms; during the week you can order off a menu.

On weekends, the earlier you arrive the better, or you might miss out on the pan-fried pork and chive dumplings, chicken feet with black-bean sauce, or sweet fried sesame-seed dumplings, China's answer to carnival-style fried dough. You'd still have the vast Cantonese menu to dabble in. Make a meal of succulent squab in dark-brown soy sauce, oysters with ginger and scallions, Hong Kong style chow mein, and Chinese watercress with garlic. Heaven, after all, takes many forms.