Han Sung Oak

An accessible Korean barbecue house.

From August 2004 “Best of Falls Church”

Korean cooking hasn't made it big in Washington. Although some preparations might give non-Korean diners pause, many should appeal to the moderately adventurous diner. This restaurant is a good place to try them. Each table has a grill for the ever-popular Korean barbecue. The presence of so many Korean diners reassures patrons that they are getting good, authentic Korean food. Note that dishes marked as hot and spicy will be just that. Prices range from $8.95 to $19.95 for the grilled beef dishes. Side dishes of spicy kimchee and other vegetables accompany the meals.

Good choices are the saeng sun jun, grilled fish filets coated with egg and flour; bibim bap, a warm rice salad with grilled marinated beef and vegetables and a fried egg with a hot sauce on the side; man doo gook, a mild beef broth with dumplings; and mae ween tang, a spicy fish stew featuring cod and tofu in a stoneware pot.