Diners here feel that they are in a Middle Eastern cocoon, with rugs on the floor and the walls, soft cushions, and pretty artifacts. Service is conscientious. The owners, a couple from Lebanon and Syria, have put together a fine restaurant.

Many diners never get past the appetizers, listed as "mazza." Ranging from $4.95 to $6.95, there are nearly 50, including salads. On the vegetarian list are the familiar grape leaves, hummus, baba ghanoush, falafel, and foul, a dish of seasonal white beans. There are seven listings for hummus, including versions with pomegranate or purée of sun-dried red pepper. And there is fried cauliflower, sautéed baby okra, baked pita topped with a choice of cheeses, and more. Meat mazza include kibbeh, several sausages, and pita stuffed with ground meat. Several of the dozen salads include eggplant.

Diners who make it to the main course can try the lamb shish kebab, a trio of lamb shank preparations (including one listed as "toasted"), a marinated Cornish hen, and beef or chicken shawarma. The dessert list features a variety of Middle Eastern pastries.