I Ricchi

January 2005

Owner Christianne Ricchi's restaurant, with its vaulted ceilings, terra cotta floors, and Della Robbia­like murals on the walls, is a good setting for the simplicity and elegance of Tuscan cooking. The wood-burning grill visible from the dining room is at the center of the menu. It's always hard to resist the hearty dish of grilled sausage with cannellini beans and tomatoes, but also from the grill come lamb chops, pork chops, steaks, and vegetables.

For a satisfying full meal, these main dishes might be preceded by a bowl of ribollita, the traditional Tuscan bread soup, or a pasta–the pappardelle with rabbit is particularly delicious–and followed by a selection of Italian cheeses or a simple biscuit and a glass of vin santo for dipping.